Louise van den Heuvel (Sonic Hug)

Elaborated melancholic songs filled with elegant grooves, crystalline vocals and experimental jazz excursions

Louise van den Heuvel (bass, vocals, compositions) | Hendrik Lasure (keys) | Werend Van Den Bossche (sax, clarinets) | Daniel Jonkers (drums)

While she's still making great name as one third of the electronically infused trio Dishwasher_ and active musician in the bands of Stéphane Galland, Lander Gyselinck & Zwangere Guy, Teun Verbruggen or Bruno Vansina, Dutch bass player Louise van den Heuvel did feel the urge to form a new group of her own as well, with compositions shaped by her own voice — even literally, since you will also hear her sing.

Surrounded by three equally inevitable peer musicians in the front of the new Belgian jazz generation (known from acts such as schntzl, Bombataz, Profound Observer, Otto Kintet, Dishwasher_, Kin Gajo, ...) Sonic Hug became a very personal, unique new project. Influenced by the sounds of Scandinavia and artists such as ADHD, Y Otis and Joni Mitchell, the vibe of Sonic Hug is etheric, elegant, melodically narrative, and always searching for a grasping groove.

The quartet's debut album is planned for release on April 5th 2024 via W.E.R.F. Records.

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