Wajdi Riahi

Young and prolific pianist steps onto the scene with his own trio and a strong debut album.

Wajdi Riahi (piano) | Basile Rahola (double bass) | Pierre Hurty (drums)

The three musicians  are inseparable, united by a very strong friendship and within several musical projects. Wajdi's trio was formed in Brussels in 2020, and the ties that bind these three young musicians translate on stage into a solid and complicit dynamic.

Following a proposal from Fresh Sounds Records, Wajdi decided to record a first repertoire for his trio. The album 'Mhamdeya', released in 2022, is rich and heterogeneous: each piece tells a part of Wajdi's life. The honesty with which the pianist has transcribed his story, through rhythms, melodies and harmonies, is also evident in their playing and interactions.


Mhamdeya is the name of the Tunisian town where Wajdi grew up. He left it at the age of 20 to settle in Brussels.
 His home town is now a strange mixture of pleasure and nostalgia, a feeling that Wajdi tries to convey especially through his composition 'Mhamdeya'. 

Perhaps it is nostalgia for the sound of the radio his mother played every morning, the smell of the coffee she made, or the first contact with the piano when he was only 6 years old?  But his emotions also go beyond nostalgia: "When I play with Basile and Pierre, I don't just want to share music. I want them to come into my life. That's why I invited them to my home, to my Mhamdeya. The Tunisian city is a source of nourishment for Wajdi's music, and it has become even more so with Pierre and Basile, because they too have their own "Mhamdeyas". 

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"Sept compositions de Wajdi Riahi, une double reprise, très réussie, du « Blue Moon » de Henry Mancini, 64 minutes d’excellente musique."

Le Soir (BE)

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