Lynn Cassiers & Nabou Claerhout

Both known for exploring and stretching boundaries as composers and musicians, this duo creates layered soundscapes.

The artistic paths of Lynn Cassiers and Nabou Claerhout have regularly crossed over the past few years: as a duo, they have performed at major Belgian venues and festivals such as LOD, deSingel, Leuven Jazz, Brussels Jazz Festival (Flagey), BOZAR, ...  — always proving how one plus one really does add up to three.  

The two artists are known for exploring and stretching the boundaries of the many genres they experiment with — Nabou with her trombone, Lynn with vocals, effects and keys — and in this they appear to reinforce each other in their own way. Layers of jazz, electronics and ambient reach from ethereal to intense and back again, until a vast, colourful and above all stunning soundscape emerges.

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