Esinam Dogbatse & Sibusile Xaba

ESINAM & Sibusile Xaba

Drawn both from their specific backgrounds, ESINAM and Sibusile are wandering and kindred spirits in music.

Esinam Dogbatse (flute, synths, vocals, fx, percussion) | Sibusile Xaba (guitar, vocals, percussion)

As multi-instrumentalists, the two artists translate messages from their ancestors through rhythms and grooves. Their vocal chanting enhances trance to rhythmic patterns that grace us by melodies of the future and past.

Thanks to their Belgian-Ghanaian and South-African roots, they are unique in their being, strong in their union and connected on deep artistic and spiritual levels. The collaboration between ESINAM and Sibusile Xaba is bringing healing to body and soul.

In 2018 Esinam discovered Sibusile Xaba during his European (solo)tour. She was enchanted by his musical energy and craftsmanship and invited him as a vocal guest feature on the track ‘Flowing River’, from her debut album ‘Shapes in Twilights of infinity’. When she was asked at the first edition of WOMAD Festival in South Africa if she wanted to collaborate with a ‘local artist’, she didn’t have to think twice.

So in October 2022, Esinam and Sibusile seized this opportunity to dive into the rehearsal and recording studio, and discover and combine each other’s musical universes to shape up new music together. Both artists wish to elaborate on these musical seeds that were planted and we hope to harvest together with them the fruits of an intense musical collaboration by May 2023, after a residency in the venue Le Botanique in Brussels.

The duo released their debut single 'Africa Wola' on March 15th 2024 and toured in Spring 2024 through Europe, including a showcase at BabelMusic XP in Marseille.

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