Nabou Claerhout, Reiner Baas, Jamie Peet

Claerhout / Baas / Peet

This brand new trombone-guitar-drums trio unites three unique musical personalities.

Nabou Claerhout (trombone) | Reinier Baas (guitar) | Jamie Peet (drums)

Nabou Claerhout met guitarist Reinier Baas and drummer Jamie Peet while studying at the Rotterdam Conservatory of Music (CODARTS). The two Dutchmen have been influencing her for quite some time, and she always dreamt of inviting them for a collaboration. As the artist-in-residence at the Brussels Jazz Festival, hosted by Flagey, she was able to give this a try in January 2023. Thanks to the overwhelming succes, the project will go on tour in the future.

Reinier's artistic trajectory played and actually continuously plays a prominent role in her personal development as a musician — Nabou secretly often goes back to his compositions as inspiration for her own work. Jamie immediately blew her away with his quirky but always tasteful approach to the drums, and in particular by demonstrating that the possibilities of an instrument are nearly endless.  

Nabou herself also created a very own playing and signature style on her trombone, by incorporating electronic effects.

With this trio, which will perform both new and existing work by each of the musicians, Reinier's impressive guitar playing, Jamie's frenzied drumming and Nabou's own melodic touch come together in inimitable fashion.

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