JUST ANNOUNCED: Next.Ape, N∆BOU & ESINAM @ Brussels Jazz Weekend!

Poster Brussels Jazz Weekend 2019

This year, we have 3 Aubergine bands performing during the well-known Brussels Jazz Weekend: ESINAM, N∆BOU & Next.Ape!

The Brussels Jazz Weekend is a free festival for each music lover in the Brussels region and far beyond! It offers a very varied program for young and old: going from Swing of the '30 to today’s funky beats. Enjoy more then 100 concerts, all over Brussel, open air, on the squares and in cool clubs and bars. N∆BOU will be presenting some new repertoire at Grote Markt on the opening night (24.05), since they won the Award of the Public last year. Next.Ape will present its recently released EP at Kapellemarkt that same day and ESINAM is playing her solo at Marni Théâtre the next day. Join us!

24.05 N∆BOU @ Grote Markt: Brussels Jazz Weekend (6 pm)

24.05 Next.Ape @ Kapellemarkt: Brussels Jazz Weekend (6.30 pm)

25.05 ESINAM @ Marni Théâtre: Brussels Jazz Weekend (8.30 pm)

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