This Saturday: first release concert new album 'Sketches of Nowhere' (Urbex)

URBEX, the band behind drummer & composer Antoine Pierre, releases its second album 'Sketches of Nowhere' on 27 April (IGLOO Records). In this band, the 'crème de la crème' of the Flemish, Walloon & Brussels jazz scene is united: Antoine Pierre (drums, compositions), Toine Thys (soprano & tenor saxophone, clarinet), Steven Delannoye (soprano & tenor saxophone), Jean-Paul Estiévenart (trumpet), Bram De Looze (piano), Bert Cools (guitar, electronics), Félix Zurstrassen (electric bass) & Fred Malempré (percussion).

With 'Sketches of Nowhere', URBEX switches gear. Sonorous atmospheres are defined by their hypnotic nature. The acoustic sound of the piano, produced by the highly awarded pianist Bram De Looze, merges smoothly with the electrically charged impulses of Bert Cools’ guitar. The firm foothold is still bass player Félix Zurstrassen, but he is now more and more acting like a real electrobeat master, providing latent grooves. Trumpet player Jean-Paul Estiévenart enriches the whole with his characteristic, colorful way of playing, functioning as the emotion of the group sound. For the album, the band invited two guest musicians, and not the least: saxophone player Ben Van Gelder (NL) & flutist Magic Malik (FR). The icing on the cake!

The compositions of the new album sound very open: rhythms are seamlessly complemented with harmonies, still leaving enough space for the individual creativity, as well as for group improvisations. The different solos are ingeniously integrated in the general piece. All this to attain a surprising, unique sound. This octet perfectly reflects the inventive possibilities of all the different layers, which is characteristic to the compositions of Antoine Pierre. Even more than on the highly praised debut album.

Be sure to check out the video, in which the different band members talk about this new exciting record!

We kindly invite you to one of the Belgian release concerts. The first one is already this Saturday: 14.04 Handelsbeurs: Kraakpand, Ghent 03.05 Jazz à Liège, Luik 18.05 Flagey, Brussels – OFFICIAL RELEASE CONCERT

Mail Lize for a spot on the guest list or a physical copy of the album. Enjoy the video, mark your calendars and see you soon!

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