HAINO/DUMOULIN/VERBRUGGEN at Sonic City Festival (Kortrijk)


This Sunday, Teun Verbruggen and Jozef Dumoulin reunite with Japanese legend Keiji Haino for their HAINO/DUMOULIN/VERBRUGGEN project once more. They’ll play an exciting set with this multi instrumentalist during the Sonic City Festival in Kortrijk (1 pm).

Keiji Haino is the Japanese cult musician of the moment. With a track record of more than 40 years, Haino has mastered himself in a multitude of musical genres as diverse as rock, improvised music, noise, psychedelic and minimalistic music. It has been said that Haino can play over 80 different instruments (with a large variety of ethnic instruments). No doubt that he is a living legend. In September 2015 Teun and Jozef visited Japan for a three-week tour. During more than 14 concerts in solo and duo at different venues all over Japan, they got the chance to meet, play and even record with the outstanding local musician. Exactly one year ago, in November 2016, the triad released an impro album, called ‘The Miracles of Only One Thing’ (Sub Rosa).

Info & tickets here.

Buy the album here.

For promo copies or a spot on the guest list, contact Lize.

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