25 years of Aka Moon: big celebration with international guests at Festival des Libertés (BXL)

© Danny Willems

Fabrizio Cassol – saxophone / Michel Hatzigeorgiou – electric bass / Stéphane Galland – drums


U.K. Sivaraman – mrdngam / Fabian Fiorini – piano / Mark Turner – saxophone / Miles Okazako – guitar / Amir El Saffar – trumpet / Joao Barradas – accordion / Tcha Limberger – violin + voice / Nedyalko Nedyalkov – kaval / Misirli Ahmet – darbouka / …

For 25 years and more than 20 albums long, Aka Moon has been celebrating encounters between many genres, with leading musicians from India, Africa, the Balkans, the Arab world and the United States. For their 25th anniversary, the Festival des Libertés has given them carte blanche on October, 24 (8.30 pm), which could lead to an earthquake of emotions for which Aka Moon holds the secrets. The participation of the grand master of Indian percussion, Sri U.K. Sivaraman, is a rare event in itself, and the presence of Mark Turner, one of the stars of American jazz, makes us think it will be a moment of great intensity.

As if this festivity was not enough, Aka Moon releases a box, which will be a mixture of previous albums with unpublished musical material, to look back over and celebrate the past 25 years. The box will be released next month on Outhere Records.

Hope to see you all next Tuesday in Théâtre National (Bruxelles)!

Contact Lize for more information or a spot on the guest list.

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