Tonight: first concert of De Beren Gieren's Dug Out Skyscrapers release tour at Flagey!

Tonight (12/9), De Beren Gieren's release tour officially takes off with a sold-out concert at the B-EST Festival in Flagey! In premiere they present the repertory of their new album 'Dug Out Skyscrapers'. Next, they have a big release tour planned, crossing Belgium, The Netherlands & UK:

With title 'Dug Out Skyscrapers', the band found a fitting name to their adventurous, futuristic tracks. More so than in previous albums, on Dug Out Skyscrapers harmonies and compelling grooves interact and disclose the future of the past... the album's Leitmotif. Like dedicated archaeologists from the future, De Beren Gieren use subtle electronic effects to uncover the potential of their acoustic instruments layer by layer. The piano echoes further, the drums split up into even more numerous fragments and the bass reaches deeper still into its musical universe. The compositions take on a 3D-dimension in this acoustic view-master and haul the listener from recognition to renewal, from nostalgia to exaltation.

Listen to title track 'We Dug Out Skyscrapers' in preview here.

Dug Out Skyscrapers (Sdban Ultra) will be available in store from September 29.

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