This week: BRZZVLL's release tour takes off with September Jazz!

It's finally here! This Saturday BRZZVLL will present its brand new album 'Waiho' during September Jazz in Bruges, the first concert of their long-expected release tour. The band is really looking forward to entertain you at this free open air music festival next to Laughing Bastards & The Moutin Factory Quintet.

Next, BRZZVLL will tour through Belgium & The Netherlands to present 'Waiho' to you. With this new repertoire, the septet resolutely strikes the instrumental chord. Don’t expect compelling afrobeat rhythms but a full sound alongside a range of intonations that unveil the various spectra of these virtuoso musicians. Laid-back sax lines alternate with sharp guitar riffs, backed by the repetitive trance of two duelling drummers. The musicians associate uplifting saxes or futuristic keyboard or EWI sounds to heavy grooves: a psychedelic cocktail of ‘space meets funk’. Spellbinding, ominous sounds intersperse with cheerful impetuosity. Each track subsumes a sort of inherent tension, evolving towards a new balance: hope vs. despair, old vs. new, tradition vs. futurism, mellow vs. impassioned, mesmerizing vs. liberating... BRZZVLL are the shamans of a new musical world!

The standard-bearer on the cover, as well as the title Waiho (Maori for ‘leaving’), refer to what the music epitomizes: a journey to a new world. A world in which opposites harmonize, differences merge without ever lapsing into a monotonous sludge. A world in which colours point out & contrast. A world which blurs the boundaries between the sounds from a glorious past and the sounds foreboding a captivating futuristic new world.

Get carried away by contagious rhythms and immerse yourself in this delirious trip to a world beyond ours. See you at one of the concerts!

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