Get ready for 'Waiho' & 'Dug Out Skyscrapers'!

The summer is coming to an end, fall lurks around the corner. About time we reveal some more information on our first two releases this fall by De Beren Gieren & BRZZVLL: 'Dug Out Skyscrapers' & 'Waiho' (both Sdban).

The word is out! De Beren Gieren found with Dug Out Skyscrapers a fitting name to their adventurous, futuristic tracks.

More so than in previous albums, on Dug Out Skyscrapers harmonies and compelling grooves interact and disclose the future of the past… the album’s ‘Leitmotif’. Like dedicated archaeologists from the future, De Beren Gieren use subtle electronic effects to uncover the potential of their acoustic instruments layer by layer. The piano echoes further, the drums split up into even more numerous fragments and the bass reaches deeper still into its musical universe. The compositions take on a 3D-dimension in this acoustic view-master and haul the listener from recognition to renewal, from nostalgia to exaltation.

The standard-bearer on the cover, as well as the title Waiho (Maori for ‘leaving’), refer to what this new BRZZVLL album epitomizes: a journey to a new world in which opposites harmonize, differences merge without ever lapsing into a monotonous sludge. A world in which colours point out & contrast. A world which blurs the boundaries between the sounds from a glorious past and the sounds foreboding a captivating futuristic new world.

Don’t expect compelling afrobeat rhythms but a full sound alongside a range of intonations that unveil the various spectra of these virtuoso musicians. Laid-back sax lines alternate with sharp guitar riffs, backed by the repetitive trance of two duelling drummers. The album is brimming with heavy grooves, to which the musicians associate uplifting saxes or futuristic keyboard or EWI sounds: a psychedelic cocktail of ‘space meets funk’, not mentioning a cheeky wink at the universe of Sun Ra and similar others. Spellbinding, ominous sounds intersperse with cheerful impetuosity. Each track subsumes a sort of inherent tension, evolving towards a new balance: hope vs. despair, old vs. new, tradition vs. futurism, mellow vs. impassioned, mesmerizing vs. liberating...

BRZZVLL are the shamans of a new musical world!

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