Your favourite summer concert this week: BRZZVLL @ Trefpunt Festival (Gentse Feesten)

© Thijs De Lange

© Thijs De Lange

This Wednesday (19/7), during the famous 'Gentse Feesten', BRZZVLL will be playing at the 48th edition of Trefpunt Festival in Ghent, next to big names as Ebo Taylor, Pascal Deweze & Sioen. The band will give you a sneak peek on their new album by playing some of its new funky tracks. An incredible way to spend your Wednesday summer night. Put on your dancing shoes and join us! (More info)

On the new album

After two inspirational collaborations with poets & ‘Nuff Said brothers Anthony Joseph (“Engines”) and Amir Sulaiman (“First Let’s Dance”) BRZZVLL pulls the instrumental card. This new album (September 2017, Sdban) will be BRZZVLL at its best: excellent psychedelic jazz-funk in which the band’s solid, characteristic sound comes forward. The band expresses the current cry for solidarity on the scene as well as in daily life. Nowadays, music is too often used as an individual consumption product. They focus on group experience, both in the creation process and in the interaction with their crowd, by being ‘in the moment’ and lifting the music to a higher level, together. This way they go back to the roots of jazz and funk.

The estranging electronics and dub effects on the album encourage this ecstatic mood. The addition of a second drummer provokes an extra percussive layering & virtuosity. The compositions, inspired by surrealism, absurdism and mysticism, still leave room for improvisation and the collective creation of sound. Get carried away by contagious rhythms and immerse yourself in this delirious trip to a world beyond ours.

02.09 | Belgian Jazz Meeting, Brussels

09.09 | September Jazz, Bruges

22.09 | De Spil, Roeselare

30.09 | NONA, Mechelen

06.10 | Handelsbeurs, Ghent

07.10 | CC Diest, Diest

04.11 | Rataplan, Antwerp

16.12 | AB, Brussels

More release dates soon!

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