Teun Verbruggen's new project: Van Campenhout/Hübsch/Verbruggen

This week, we got two awesome concerts in store. On Sunday June, 11th both Teun Verbruggen and De Beren Gieren will perform. The latter will play a "One Mirrors Many" concert at Rabo JazzBoz in Bergen op Zoom (NL), the first a brand new project with quirky German tuba player Carl Ludwig Hübsch and legendary blues guitar player & vocalist Roland Van Campenhout.

Teun and the two other musicians will play two concerts at 2 pm and 4 pm in Salon Philippe (Groothertogstraat 56). The concerts are part of (s)allons, a concert series organised by GC De Maalbeek all around Etterbeek.

The members of the new improv trio met during the finissage of Walter Swennen in WIELS. This centre for contemporary art in Vorst asked the three musicians to perform together in honour of the above mentioned renown visual artist. The result? Unique interplay that is close to jazz, improvisation and blues. The music was a perfect combination of the characteristic blues sounds of Roland Van Campenhout, the quirky percussion of jazz drummer Teun Verbruggen and the powerful, deep tones of blower Carl Ludwig Hübsch, which created a particular and dynamic sound on stage that moved the whole crowd, young and old.

Teun, making furore with its international collaborations (Keiji Haino, Arve Henriksen & Stian Westerhus), knew immediately that this concert had to be more than a one-time experience, so the triad immediately planned more concerts in 2017 under the name “VAN CAMPENHOUT HÜBSCH VERBRUGGEN”.

More info on the event here.

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