Countdown new album De Beren Gieren begins... first release dates revealed!

© Grégoire Verbeke

Last week we revealed the first concert dates of BRZZVLL's release tour. This week, it's De Beren Gieren's turn!

With their new trio album (SDBAN), De Beren Gieren continue to focus on its mixture of DIY electronics made out of their acoustic instruments. This album, a symbiosis of all previous releases, starts from ten compositions that describe the 'yesterday of tomorrow'. The band deepens its recognisable, unique sound: balancing between composition and improvisation, full of humor, adventure and a high degree of risk & energy. The three musicians hit the studio with none other than Koen Gisen.

The album will be presented to the crowd on:

12.09 | Flagey, Brussels (BE)

28.09 | Handelsbeurs, Ghent (BE)

30.09 | kc NONA, Mechelen (BE)

15.10 | KAAP, Ostend (BE)

05.11 | So What's Next, Eindhoven (NL)

16.11 | Rataplan, Antwerp (BE)

25.11 | C-Mine, Genk (BE)

29.11 | 30 CC, Leuven (BE)

15.12 | Paradox, Tilburg (NL)

21.12 | De Casino, Sint Niklaas (BE)

More info & dates soon!

© Jelle Martens

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