Aka Moon's Alifbata & LABtrio touring through Belgium & France this week

Busy week ahead here at Aubergine! We're touring all through Belgium & France with two bands. Aka Moon will be joined by a lot of befriended international musicians the next two weeks for its new project 'Alifbata' and LABtrio performs the music of its latest album 'Nature City' (Outhere Music, Febr. '17) once more in Sint-Niklaas, Hasselt & Ronse. Alifbata After a well-stocked fall, Aka Moon is ready for a new adventure! Together with some guest musicians, they will bring the sounds of the Balkan, the Middle East and India to France & Belgium the next two weeks. In Alifbata, compositions and musicians of two earlier created projects come together: The first one, Aka Balkan Moon, inspired by

Leuven, the place to be this week!

This week, the Aubergine team is heading to Leuven, multiple times. Starting today, since 30CC is hosting Jazz#Forum this year. For those who don't know Jazz#Forum: at this conference (organized every two years) jazz musicians, programmers, managers, labels, press and other jazz enthousiasts gather to talk about the current state and issues of the Belgian jazz scene. The audience gets informed and sensitized via several info sessions and panels. Both Maaike & Lize participate in these panels and sessions. Jazz#Forum is part of the Leuven Jazz Festival. This exciting festival took off last week and continues 'till March 25th. It programs amazing bands like Sons of Kemet, MDC III, Binker & Mos

Aka Moon: NOW @ Rockerill, Charleroi

This Saturday (17.03), Aka Moon is playing another concert in Belgium. They'll present their latest album 'NOW', released in January on Outhere Music. Place to be is Rockerill at Charleroi. Aka Moon played this new repertoire during several sold-out release concerts in Bozar, Rataplan & De Casino before, proving that, even after 25 years of playing, the band continues to be highly topical. Time after time, they astonish their listeners with their virtuoso music and playful negligence. The media, as well as the audience, love the music of the new album: “Again a terrific album by Aka Moon. Highly recommended for those who like surprises. Party? Party!” Written in Music “'Now' kind of goes b

We have a new team member!

Say hello to Martin Vernier! Starting from March 1st, he joined our team. Martin is doing an internship with us ‘till August 31st. He is a young music enthousiast from Saint-Etienne (France) who was recommended by i.a. Rhino Jazz Festival, Tremplin Jazz Avignon and Têtes de Jazz (AJMI, Avignon), where he did an internship as production / communication assistant in the past. We're happy to welcome him in our team!

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