BRZZVLL & De Beren Gieren heading to The Netherlands!

What a week is coming up here at Aubergine! Not only are Kris Defoort and his 'Diving Poets' releasing their new album 'Kris Defoort Diving Poet Society' in Brussels (Jazz Station), Antwerp (deSingel), Ghent (Handelsbeurs) & Ostend (Vrijstaat O.), also De Beren Gieren and BRZZVLL are continuing their release tours, with two remarkable concerts in The Netherlands! This Friday, a big conference is coming up in Bimhuis, named 'Jazz is the new hype'. It focuses on today's golden ages for jazz in Belgium & The Netherlands. Jazz professionals from both countries are teaming up to talk about this success and the future for this adventurous genre. And what is a conference about music without concert

Kris Defoort and his Diving Poets releasing the long-expected album 'Diving Poet Society' in

One year after their successful creation tour through Slovenia, Hungary, Germany & Belgium, Kris Defoort and his ‘Diving Poet Society’ come out with the self-titled album 'Kris Defoort Diving Poet Society' (WERF Records). They’re excited to present this gem to you next week in four Belgian cities: 02.11 Jazz Station, Brussels 03.11 deSingel, Antwerp 04.11 Handelsbeurs, Ghent 05.11 Vrijstaat O. (KAAP), Ostend For this album and its Belgian release, Hungarian singer Veronika Harcsa and French saxophone player Guillaume Orti join the Kris Defoort Trio (Nicolas Thys, Lander Gyselinck & Kris himself) to put several magnificent poems by poet Peter Verhelst (Bruges) into music. Balancing betwee

25 years of Aka Moon: big celebration with international guests at Festival des Libertés (BXL)

Fabrizio Cassol – saxophone / Michel Hatzigeorgiou – electric bass / Stéphane Galland – drums + U.K. Sivaraman – mrdngam / Fabian Fiorini – piano / Mark Turner – saxophone / Miles Okazako – guitar / Amir El Saffar – trumpet / Joao Barradas – accordion / Tcha Limberger – violin + voice / Nedyalko Nedyalkov – kaval / Misirli Ahmet – darbouka / … For 25 years and more than 20 albums long, Aka Moon has been celebrating encounters between many genres, with leading musicians from India, Africa, the Balkans, the Arab world and the United States. For their 25th anniversary, the Festival des Libertés has given them carte blanche on October, 24 (8.30 pm), which could lead to an earthquake of emotions

Aubergine celebrates 100 years of Monk with De Beren Gieren, Bram De Looze & Kris Defoort

Yesterday, the jazz world celebrated the 100th anniversary of late Thelonious Monk. To honour this great musician, Culture Club (Canvas) invites pianist Fulco Ottervanger and De Beren Gieren in their show tonight to do a special on the pianist. Tune in at 10.10 pm! Furthermore, last Sunday, pianists Kris Defoort and Bram De Looze (LABtrio) commemorated the man by listing and explaining their all-time favourite Monk tracks on Radio 1 (Time Out). Re-listen the full broadcast here. Great music guaranteed! Have a Monk-alicious week!

BRZZVLL presents 'Waiho': official release week ahead!

This week is all about BRZZVLL! Friday, they are officially releasing their new album 'Waiho' with a concert at Handelsbeurs (Ghent). The psychedelic jazz-funk album will be in stores the next day, October 7. To celebrate this, the band will play another festive release concert that night in CC Diest. Festive is even an understatement, if you know that their contagious concert will be followed by a live DJ set by the one and only Faisal! A week to look forward to, if we say so ourselves. Mail us for more info, if you fancy a promo copy or a spot on our guest list. EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: the band did a 'shout out' during Lefto's session at Studio Brussel. Listen here (from 30:10). Also De Morgen

People of the UK, are you ready for 'Dug Out Skyscrapers'?!

De Beren Gieren (The Bears Vultures) are heading to the UK today for their 'Dug Out Skyscrapers' release tour, and they are really excited. During five great concerts, the lauded band will present its new album 'Dug Out Skyscrapers' (out on Sdban Ultra from Sept. 29): 3.10 | Sofar Sounds Session, London 5.10 | Hare & Hounds (THSH), Birmingham 6.10 | Private house concert in Leeds 7.10 | Marsden Jazz Festival, Marsden 8.10 | Vortex Jazz Club, London If you are interested in meeting or interviewing the band and/or reviewing the album or concerts, let Lize know! She'll arrange a spot on the guest list and send you with great pleasure a promo copy of the album. The Yorkshire Post already include

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